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March 2017                                                                         GeoSierra recently completed a review of the UK 2011 Preese Hall well stimulations. A copy of this review                                                                                            and recommended alternate stimulation methods are contained in this review report. GeoSierra presented                                                                                            to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in January on the importance of anelasticity in petroleum                                                                                                  geomechanics - view the abridged presentation.



December 2016                                                                   GeoSierra Environmental Inc. completed the construction of 1,100' PRB at the former Scotia Navy Depot.


October 2016                                                                      GeoSierra is under contract to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to assist MIT in a large multi-                                                                                              year research project on hydraulic fracturing, with specific emphasis into the interaction and propagation of                                                                                            hydraulic fractures with natural fractures and formation interfaces, funded by a major national oil company.


August 2016                                                                       Cascade Environmental Holdings LLC acquires GeoSierra Environmental Inc and Panther Technologies                                                                                               Inc to enhance their environmental capabilities and services - see announcement.


March 2016                                                                         GeoSierra's geothermal electrical power generation system in enhanced hot ductile low perm formations is                                                                                            in final feasibility assessment study for field pilot deployment mid-2017.

                                                                                           GeoSierra's carbon energy storage system in ductile turbidite reservoir legacy oil and gas fields is in final                                                                                               feasibility assessment study for field pilot deployment mid-2017.

                                                                                           GeoSierra Environmental Inc. is finalizing the design and mobilizing for the construction of a 1,000' long                                                                                                 iron proppant Permeable Reactive Barrier at the former Scotia Navy Depot, Glenville, NY. The PRB                                                                                                     is to be constructed to a total depth of 110', and it's injected geometry will be mapped in real-time                                                                                                         by GeoSierra's active resistivity mapping technology. For enquiries into design/build services of PRBs                                                                                                 in the USA contact Deborah Schnell at dschnell@geosierraenv.com.


March 2015                                                                         The planned in situ heavy oil recovery ERG field trial, using electric resistive heating with gravity                                                                                                          drainage is on indefinite hold due to the low price of Kern River crude.

                                                                                           The stimulation of the light oil turbidite reservoirs in the Southern San Joaquin Valley using the Azi-Frac                                                                                               technology is postponed until the price of WTI stabilizes at $65/bbl or higher.


October 2014                                                                       GeoSierra Environmental Inc. recently completed an iron proppant PRB at a SuperFund site in                                                                                                               Peterborough, New Hampshire for groundwater remediation. More than twenty (20) iron proppant PRBs                                                                                                 have been installed in the USA by GeoSierra's trenchless technology.

                                                                                           GeoSierra's electrically conductive -8/+20 proppant and grahite electrodes are now ready for deployment in                                                                                             the EOR field trial of the ERG system, i.e. electrical resistive heating with gravity drainage. The first trial                                                                                               is planned to be conducted in a shallow heavy oil unconsolidated sand reservior in western USA.

                                                                                            GeoSierra's electrically conductive calcined petroleum coke proppant is available in three size                                                                                                               distributions: coarse -8/+20, medium -20/+40 and fine -40 mesh.

                                                                                            GeoSierra's retrofit stimulation tool for stimulating deep existing wells in turbidite formations is not                                                                                                         expected to be field deployable until mid-2015.



New Technology Magazine Article

 September 2013 & September 2011

Above article describes GeoSierra's Azi-Frac and Halliburton's X-Drain technology for heavy oil enhanced recovery, plus an earlier article from the same magazine of September 2011.


47th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symp.  June 2013

Grant Hocking presented at the symposium in San Francisco

Hocking, G., T. W. Cavender, T. Hunter and G. Li. 2013. "Comparisons of Plane Propagation from Dilating Casing and Conventional Perforations when Stimulating the Milk River Formation", 47th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, San Francisco, Paper# ARMA 13-254, June. Presentation


SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, Calgary         June 2013

Grant Hocking presented at the conference in Calgary

Hocking, G. and D. A. Walters. 2013 "Vertical Single-Well SAGD with Multiple Producers", SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, Calgary, Paper# SPE 165433, June. Presentation 


SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, Calgary         June 2012

Travis Cavender presented at the conference in Calgary

Hocking, G., T. W. Cavender, J. Person and T. Hunter. 2012 "Single-Well SAGD Field Installation and Functionality Trials", SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, Calgary, Paper# SPE 157739, June. Presentation


Canadian Unconventional Resources Conference     November 2011

Grant Hocking presented at the conference in Calgary

Hocking, G., T. W. Cavender and J. Person. 2011 "Single-Well SAGD: Overcoming Permeable Lean Zones and Barriers", Canadian Unconventional Resources Conference, Calgary, Paper# SPE 148832, June. Presentation



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