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GeoSierra has specialty expertise in geo-materials, soil, rock and ice and geo-fluids in both porous and fractured media. This expertise has lead to the development of proprietrary simulation codes, particularly for simulating fracturing of brittle and ductile formations, and for multiphase fluid behavior to simulate fluid solid interactions - from the pore scale, to the structural scale for seismic, ice or wave loading on structures/vessels and to the geological basin scale for fault movement prediction, induced seismicity or studying basin evolution.

In particular, the stimulation codes in association with physical models and full scale well stimulation and ice impact data have improved our understanding of fracturing of geomaterials, both for well stimulation of the subsurface, induced seismicity due to fluid injection and also to the interaction of sea ice with structures and vessels in arctic or antarctic waters. These simulations codes have provided a complimentary numerical test bed to more quickly evolve our understanding of processes, such as fluid solid coupling, stick-slip of faults and the fracturing of earth formations with either invasive or non-invasive fluids. Our real time imaging technologies have enabled us to see subsurface and gain considerable insight into the behavior of geo-materials and geo-fluids.

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