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Our Focus: Enhanced Oil Recovery

Tight Ductile Conventional Reservoirs - turbidite reservoirs (low permeability, ductile formations), light oil, poor recovery of ~5% due to the inability of conventional hydraulic fracturing to enhance production. GeoSierra's stimulation technology will raise recovery to >35% - see Stimulation.

Enhanced Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) - reduced Steam Oil Ratio (SOR) of >50%, i.e. >50% reduction in energy use, capital requirements, carbon footprint and water usage. Unimpaired performance even in poor geology. - see Enhanced SAGD.

Electric Resistive Heating with Gravity Drainage (ERG) - >80% reduction in capital, reduced energy use, reduced carbon footprint and zero water usage. Recovery from stranded reserves that are too shallow, too close to outcrop, poor quality or lack of caprock or too deep for SAGD - see Electric EOR 


Our Focus: Renewable Energy

Carbon Energy Storage - geological carbon dioxide storage in legacy oil and gas fields, combined with a closed cycle peak electrical energy storage system and enhanced oil recovery by gravity drainage from the legacy fields - see Energy Storage.

Geothermal Energy in Hot Ductile Formations - hot ductile formations can be stimulated with GeoSierra's Azi-Frac technology using non-invasive fluids without any potential for induced seismicity. The system is a closed cycle carbon dioxide thermal energy extraction process to provide a 24/7 electrical generation energy source close to existing infrastructure - see GeoThermal


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