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GeoSierra's azimuth controlled injection technology has been used to construct full scale iron permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) from moderate depths (~50 ft bgs) down to significant depth (>180 ft bgs). The injection technology constructs the iron treatment wall from a series of conventionally drilled boreholes along the prescribed wall alignment, with specialized frac casings grouted into the boreholes. The iron treatment wall is constructed by the injection of the iron filings into the frac casings with real time quality assurance monitoring of the injections to quantify the PRB geometry and iron loading densities and validate the wall placement is in accordance with design specifications.

To view how we construct subsurface PRBs see our Video.

Volatile organic compounds and metals treated by zero valent iron:- VOCs & Metals



GeoSierra’s technology and installation methods have advanced significantly in the past twenty years. With each new project, we apply our continuously improving best practices along with our patented tools and processes to remediate groundwater plumes that in most cases, because of their depth, would otherwise be impossible to reach with an iron PRB wall. This is not to say we don't install shallow walls because we do. In fact, because of the many advantages of our installation technology, in addition to being the go-to choice for deep PRB installations, we are also often the best choice to design and install PRBs at shallow depths. In fact, it is worth noting all of the significant additional benefits to be gained by GeoSierra installed PRBs.

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    Hydraulic Pulse Interference Testing 



Benefits of GeoSierra Installed PRBs

Construction of deep PRB systems with significant cost savings and superior remediation efficiency over alternative remedies.




Proven technology with demonstrated effectiveness of placement of iron PRBs at both deep and shallow depths.




Installs a continuous iron filings PRB wall with high permeability and porosity.




Minimal impact on the natural groundwater flow regimes.




Quality assurance and verification tests for confirmation of constructed PRB geometry; continuity, iron loading, thickness, height, length and hydraulic characteristics.




Minimally invasive installation of PRBs in congested workplaces in and around buildings, underground and overhead utilities and right of ways.




Trenchless construction - no excavation and minimal site disturbance.




Very safe with low risk exposure to personnel and property.



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