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Publications: Enhanced Oil Recovery

Publications are available through the SPE or ARMA as referenced below.

Hocking, G., T. W. Cavender, T. Hunter and G. Li. 2013. "Comparisons of Plane Propagation from Dilating Casing and Conventional Perforations when Stimulating the Milk River Formation", 47th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, San Francisco, Paper# ARMA 13-254, June. Abridged Presentation ARMA13-254.

Hocking, G. and D. A. Walters. 2013 "Vertical Single-Well SAGD with Multiple Producers", SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada, Calgary, Paper# SPE 165433, June. Abridged Presentation SPE165433

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Hocking, G., T. W. Cavender and J. Person. 2011. “Unimpaired Performance of Single-Well SAGD in Variable Geology”, Gas & Oil EXPO & Conference North America 2011, Calgary, Paper# GOEC11-079, June.

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